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I’m Joakim Hertze, a landscape and portrait photographer located in southern Sweden.

I’ve created stuff my entire conscious life. I remember shooting a couple of rolls of TRI-X with my Dad’s Konica in my early teens and I’ve had an on-and-off love affair with photography ever since. These days, I more or less only shoot with good old fashioned analog film. I’m sure digital technology will catch up one day, but for now the colors and feel of that emulsion on celluloid just can’t be beat. Also, I’m confident that the reality of every frame costing actual money makes me a much, much better photographer. I don’t remember being as deliberate when I had a 32 Gb memory card to go crazy with.

Most of the time I work as a psychiatrist, specializing in brain disorders affecting cognition. I live with my wife, my two kids and a dog in a small community between Malmö and Lund.

I do a limited amount of collaborations and commissioned work together with my wife.

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My son, doing fart noises in my ear. Photo by Anna Hertze.